Thursday, August 11, 2011

WoW 4.3 Legendary

WoW 4.3 Legendary

With WoW 4.3 Patch getting closer and closer, it is possible that Blizzard will release a new legendary weapon. "The WoW 4.3 Legendary" is said to be some kind of a ranged weapon - either a gun or bow OR crossbow. There is no official info from Blizzard but it's quite possible! Stay tuned for more info about WoW 4.3 Patch notes as well as the WoW 4.3 release date!
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WoW 4.3 Release Date!

WoW 4.3 Release Date

Sadly, the release date of Patch 4.3 hasn't been yet officially announced by Blizzard, but from evil sources we know that it will be somewhere at the end of September. We can't be sure - but stay tuned! We will be posting all patch 4.3 information and news on our blog!
We will also be posting the WoW 4.3 Patch notes once they appear, with comments!
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WoW District is BACK!


WoW District is back! After a good couple of months of being counter spelled (you know what I mean...) I am back to writing for all you gamers out there!

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WoW 4.3 Patch Notes

WoW 4.3 Patch Notes

 We are sorry, but the WoW 4.3 Patch Notes haven't been yet officially posted by Blizzard. We will post them on our site right away when they are released! So please check WoW District often for the latest WoW 4.3 Patch notes!!


Friday, October 1, 2010

My favorite Brewfest (real life) stein.

Hey everyone,
As most of you probably saw, Blizz is selling Brewfest-WoW-Styled steins (link) well actually not Blizzard, but a company named TavernCraft. Prices are from $39 (only 1 model, rest $99) to as high as $190, so not even close to cheap. BUT, some of them are really awesome. Take a look at this one (my personal favorite, no I don't have it, but I love the look + It's horde and horde ftw :-)

Looks cool eh? Well guess what, that lid is REAL GOLD (18k but still). Quite beasty IMHO, well, that's what I would expect for $190... Anyway, there are some other cool models, just check out the link I gave at the beginning of the post. Here is the alliance model of the quite-expensive stein.

The gold cap fits Alliance more then Horde, but Horde is better anyway, sorry ^_^.

Check out this youtube video with the WoW Steins...

Yeah that guy plays ally. I could've guessed it without audio :P 
It's the $190 model but I don't think the cap is made from gold (it's from 2 years ago so maybe the model was a bit different).

Btw Imo the Horde handle looks cooler.

What do you guys think about them? Leave a comment!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Best Cataclysm PvP Class?

Hey all,
Any of you have an Idea what the best Cataclysm PvP class could be? Iam hearing totally different things, from hunter to mage to warlock blah blah blah. Also some people are saying that there might be NO OP class since Rated BGs will now be nr. 1 PvP method and that is group work, not single. S

So I don't really know what to think... although I think it might be the same old stuff... warlock/rogue/mage. What are your opinions?


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Blizzard releasing the Remote Auction House!

Hey everyone!
Blizzard released a new method of using the auction house... straight from your phone! You can browse the auction house for free, but if you want to bid/buyout/sell items you need to pay $2,99 per month for a subscription.

When I saw that you have to actually pay more for this I almost fell off my chair. I mean come on! We pay them $15 a month and now they want us to pay even more for something that doesn't cost a dollar to keep up! They should take care of their players more... they are making ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY million dollars ($180000000) a month already (just from WoW) and they want even more? In my opinion that's just disgusting... I would understand if WoW was a free game and you could buy these kinds of "premium memberships" (read: Runescape) but not if Iam paying them $15 a month and they want me to pay even more.

Comment by MSG-Deathscythe "how's this for logic? WOW is losing subscribers. Should they charge current subscribers more or should they lower the price to attract new subscribers?" 

Comment by gunwar "Next is to open a physical WoW auction house so that players get to leave their computer for 15 minutes but still can still interact with WoW at the same time"

Comment by Evenios "ugh with the glowly horses rip off and now this? let me guess 3 bucks a month extra for the service so instead of paying 15 a month for wow you pay 18 almost? come on. They should include this free." 

Short video by MassiveWoWGold

Never heard of his WoW Gold Blueprint guide, but it sounds interesting. I think I will give it a try. Check it out here.

Anyway, check out this page about the Mobile AH:
Check out this remote auction article -

Blizzard earnings if you 50% of WoW players buy this (and I'am pretty sure that more will) 5500000*3=$16500000 not so bad for something like this...

Iam definately not going to buy it, but it's your choice.